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Carmen does all the right things for the wrong men. Reggie and Addison can't catch their flow and it's about to cost them everything. Stacey's baggage from her first marriage is stinking up her second. If marriage was an intense down to the last seconds, score tied, championship game, would you win? "Every opportunity partners seize to draw closer together is victory. A grand slam dunk, Air Jordan style in the enemy's face! I am divorced. My marriage was not a complete loss. But after the smoke clears, you access the damage and the bad stuff often out way the good. God has since performed a true reconstruction of my life. I am now looking back and thinking not only of my losses, but those triumphant moments. Those moments I draw life from now. Those moments which have prompted me to write this book. I was not saved then but you know how it is when Jesus comes into your heart--you begin to see everything through blood-stained glasses." In What I Would do if I Could do Again, you will walk through wedded walls. You will go deep, get intimate, seeing into the heart of marriage—what drives it, what breaks it, and what miraculous blessings could unfold when two really grasp what it means to be one-team. In this book, Sinyon Reed exposes her own heart, her mistakes, her personal life lessons in a reflection of what it means to find, keep, or rekindle love, God's way and in his timing.

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