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The book provides an outline of corporate governance systems across the world and specific corporate governance issues in emerging markets like in India. It covers functioning of corporate governance mechanisms in general and relates them specifically to CG in India along with a commentary on their effectiveness. By providing an overview of the Bombay Stock Exchange which represents the Indian capital market, it provides an understanding of the Indian capital market and its regulatory environment. The book analyses the need for effective non-market corporate governance institutions improvised and innovative ways of achieving governance patterns in emerging countries making a transition from relatively closed to more open and market-friendly systems and a culture of corporate responsibility, transparency, and vigilance to catch corporate culprits.

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A steady drumbeat of bad news about the state of our nation has convinced Americans that our country has gone badly off the rails. But where, exactly, did we go wrong? In...

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El tráfico de esclavos y armas son el eje del argumento de esta aventura, y como casi siempre, Tintín y el capitán se ven involucrados por una serie de casualidades. Este...

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