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A child marked by God's hand. A priest obsessed with an ancient prophecy. A woman willing to risk her life to save her family. A man forced to face his past. Four people. One life altering destiny. An Ethiopian priest, believing a little girl is the key to a biblical curse, kidnaps her. The girl's only surviving relative, Jasmine Rose, is forced to ask a former CIA operative–codename the "Hunter"–to help her find the child. The two must decipher a series of clues as they search from Israel to Egypt to Ethiopia to catch a holy man who always manages to stay one step ahead. What Jasmine doesn't know is that the Hunter's former boss is intent on having his revenge. When the chase escalates, Jasmine finds herself becoming both hunter and prey. She is willing to pay anything, do anything, to secure the child. But will the child's mystical abilities save the world–or destroy them all? Jasmine must face the ultimate questions: Will finding the girl be a blessing or a curse? And how great a sacrifice is she willing to make?

Les Aventures de David Balfour: Enlevé ! Volume I Catriona Volume II Epub Gratis No Funciona

Extrait :Je commencerai le récit de mes aventures aux premières heures d’une certaine matinée du mois de juin, en l’an de grâce 1751, au moment où je retirai pour la dernière...

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The Reform Acts: The Struggle for Democracy, traces the progression of parliamentary and electoral reform during a transformational period of British history between 1760 and...

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A survey of the Conan stories including all of the pastiches. Also contains coverage of three fantasy writers, A. Merritt, Thomas Burnett Swann, and Charles G. Finney

The Greville Memoirs 8 Volume Paperback Set: The Greville Memoirs - Volume 4 Ebook Gratis Epub

Charles Cavendish Fulke Greville (1794–1865) was one of the most important English political and social diarists. Clerk to the Privy Council for over forty years, he mixed...

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After many years of demanding studies of medicine, a Gift of healing chooses to manifest itself through Dr. Peter Thornton's unwilling hands. The new ability plays havoc with...

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By Akira Ito Synopsis: It's down to the 11th hour as Yugi and Jonouchi fight to save their friend Anzu's soul! Bandit Keith, the ruthless American duelist, challenges...

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