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Sometimes even those that are the most lost can be found again... Nineteen-year-old Miriam Beiler grew up in an Amish family. She never felt accepted by her family or anyone else she knew. She was lonely and unhappy until she finally met her friend, Katie, as a teenager. Up until then, her only 'friend' was her diary she named 'Sadie'. She told 'Sadie' all of her secrets and then hid those secrets away in her hope chest only to be found again when she was getting ready for her wedding. The secrets involved incidents that not only happened to her as a child, but also the things she did during her rumspringa as a teenager . . . things that she and Katie had done and hoped no one would ever learn about. If the secrets were ever revealed, it would result in her being shunned, and forever change the relationship with her family and destroy her future happiness she found with her fiance.

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